Panasonic Batteries

asdaPanasonic is the most trusted OEM battery of Japanese vehicle manufacturers and uses its own unique state of the art technology to produce high performance batteries. Silver alloy technology on the MF batteries gives extra long life at high temperatures and ideal for countries with Tropical climate and “Extra Grade” dry batteries are recommended for rough use such as Trucks. Buses, Lorries etc..

Since its foundation in 1918, Panasonic continues to enrich the lives of people around the world, contributing to the progress of society. Panasonic automotive battery plant was started in Japan in the year of 1938 and at present produce batteries for gasoline, diesel and hybrid vehicles, independent power systems and industrial-use lead-acid batteries for electric forklifts and other devices. The Thailand plant which is the only overseas plant of Panasonic Corporation was started in 1968 to cater to the international market.

Panasonic battery has positioned itself as the “Premium Brand” in Thailand market with its high performance and durability. It’s state of the art technology is unmatched by competitors. Panasonic is also proud to present the lightest MF battery in the market. Silver Alloy technology has been tested and proved to enhance battery life under extremely high temperatures.

Panasonic brand name is not an unfamiliar name to Sri Lankan vehicle users. Due to the high demand of customers and dealers, DSL has taken an enormous decision to discuss with Panasonic Co. Ltd. to re-launch the very famous and incredibly long lasting car battery back to Sri Lankan market.