Sun – Timing Belts

sun-timing-beltsTIMING BELTS and V-RIBBED BELTS are core components for all automobile engines. Sub-standard belts can cause serious engine damage, and it is always recommended to choose a reliable brand. We have more than 40 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in the global market with continuous innovation of belt technology. Our “SUN” and “UNISOL” Brand Automotive Belts guarantee TOP QUALITY from Japan!

  • Manufactured by the top power transmission belt manufacturer in Japan.
  • (Certified ISO/TS16949, ISO9001:2008, JIS-Q9001:2008).
  • Extensive range for Japanese and Korean applications.
  • Compatible to O.E. tooth profiles for optimum engine performance.
  • Various grades chosen for the engine specifications / sensitivity.
  • No minimum quantity required per item.
  • Competitive price.