5Exedy, the world renowned Japanese brand of clutch products, is known for its superiority in product quality and reliability. They are the world’s leading Original Equipment Manufacturer for clutch and other power train components.

Exedy clutch discs and covers cater to nearly all vehicle types, with a range of manual clutches, racing clutches, pressure plates, flywheels, torque converters, etc. Exedy has evolved over the years to emerge as the industry leader due to its advanced engineering excellence and uncompromising commitment to quality.

With a keen interest in increasing the standards of Sri Lankan motor sports, DSL, under the patronage of Exedy, has supplied several high-performance racing clutch products to very prominent Sri Lankan racing drivers.

DSL is Sri Lanka’s sole agent for Exedy products, which it markets at competitive prices through a well appointed dealer network, making this globally-acknowledged brand accessible to the thousands of customers who have placed their trust in it.