Durability, Safety, satisfaction, and the total power tool solution are the core of the brand FIXTEC. Developed in China with the latest and advanced technology the brand FIXTEC is on par with the world’s leading brands in terms of performance and customer satisfaction.

A range incomparable with any other competition in its peer group, FIXTEC is equipped with a DIY, Semi industrial, and industrial portfolio of tools and accessories abiding truly by its slogan ONE STOP TOOL STATION and expanding its range to markets by excelling products in Masonry/woodworking and Construction
Up to dated innovation and the ability to understand the ever-changing needs of the customers, the brand FIXTEC can easily be rated as one of the top brands in the world, who implements its
new advances timely and accurately to bring the better tool and better life concept to reality.

FIXTEC brand thrives in providing the total solution to the customers and has given its users the best money worth quality satisfaction and reliance worth the salutation FIXTEC is receiving in the market.
DSL being a guiding force to many top brands in the world, acquired FiXTEC under its wing to provide a total solution concept to the Srilankan consumer and dealer market which is undoubted, is being experienced by our beloved consumer segment.