A CSR project at Sri Baron Jayathilaka Vidyalaya


DSL strongly believes that children of today are the Citizens of tomorrow. Thus in view of creating a better learning environment, the organization carried out yet another note worthy project in upgrading Sri Baron Jayathilaka Vidyalaya, Maligawatte, Colombo 10.

A ceremonial re-opening of the school was held on 11th May, 2011 with a gathering comprising Mr. Saroj Perera, Chairman/ Managing Director, Mr. Jayendra Pinidiyapathirage, Group Executive Director, Mr. Mangala Goonatilleke, Group Executive Director, Mr. Basil Dassanayake, Executive Director, staff members from the Senior Management, the HR team and Maintenance team. Members representing the school were Mr. R.D.N.P. Jayaratna, Principal, Ven. Jiragama Sagara Thero, Deputy Principal, teachers and students.

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Sponsorship for School Badminton Player


Badminton player, Kavidi Ishadi of Sirimavo Bandaranayake Maha Vidhyalaya was offered a sponsorship in Badminton by M/s. Douglas & Sons (Pvt) Ltd, in the light of developing the skills and capabilities of the young and enthusiastic future sport’ star.

The Group Executive Director of Douglas & Sons (Pvt.) Ltd, Mr. Jayendra Pinidiyapathirage symbolically presented sport related items to Kavidi Ishadi at the school sports meet held on 10th March, 2011 along with Mr. H.M. Gunasekara, Secretary to the Ministry of Education. The Principal of Sirimavo Bandaranayake Maha Vidhyalaya, Mrs. Pushpa M. Kalubowila is also seen in the picture.


Medical Camp


DSL welfare organized a medical camp for the staff members of the organization on 7th March 2011 with the support of the pioneer in the health care industry, Nawaloka Hospitals (Pvt) Ltd and leading optician, Vision Care also rendered their valuable services at the camp. The check of random blood sugar level, BMI, consultation with dietitians and nutritionists were facilitated at the camp. Awareness, consultation and advice on Osteoporosis was offered on an individual basis by Fonterra Brands (Pvt.) Ltd.

A very beneficial project by the welfare society of the company saw 100% participation from staff members of all levels in the organization.

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A Religious event to bless our employees


A Bodhi Puja was held on 21st July 2010 to receive blessings from the noble triple gem on our employees. 5000 oil lamps, 10,000 lotuses were offered to the Kelaniya Bo tree. Rare rituals like Kapruka pooja, Sivuru pooja (robe pooja), Gilanpasa pooja , Wetake flower pooja , Vilada and beehive pooja were also offered to the Bo tree. Apart from the employees of the company many outsiders also took part in the poojas.