One may fully agree to the fact that the staff of an organization is the strength of a successful business. DSL, the market leader for imported batteries, tyres and auto-parts in Sri Lanka attributes the fore-front position it has achieved to the loyalty, dedication and commitment of its staff members. It stands out as an organization offering career opportunities to committed and competent individuals in several fields related to its business.The staff strength of employees above 5 years in service stands at 45%. Employees in service between 10-15 years stands at 13% while those in service between 15-20 years is at 10% and 3% with those over 20 years in service. DSL maintains a minimum labour turnover of just 0.1% annually.The DSL family aims to achieve innovative avenues as it marks 25 years of unbeaten success, which is a milestone achievement!

If you are interested in joining the Douglas & Sons team, send your CVs to:

General Manager, Human Resources
Douglas & Sons (Pvt) Ltd
290/25 Sri Sangaraja Mawatha,
Colombo 10.or email to: