6Established in Japan in 1918 as the Yuasa storage battery company, the Yuasa brand today represents a world renowned product. In terms of quality, reliability and performance, Yuasa is without exception the world’s No. 01 battery. With over 20 manufacturing sites in 14 countries around the world, Yuasa produces batteries for a wide range of critical applications such as rockets, airplanes, ships, automobiles, motorcycles and industrial batteries.

Yuasa, has also been manufacturing batteries for motorcycles built in the US, starting with Honda, since 1979. Throughout the years, Yuasa has supplied more batteries for manufacturers, such as Buell, Cannondale, Excelsior-Henderson, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Indian, Kawasaki and Polaris Victory, than all other battery manufacturers combined.

The manufacturers of Yuasa batteries being well attuned to the needs of the motorist population offers YUASA maintenance free (M/F) batteries with technological improvements that meets the demanding requirements of the motorcycle manufacturers, while making it convenient and hassle free for the motorists. Manufacturers demand the best and they overwhelmingly choose Yuasa.

DSL is the sole agent for Yuasa batteries in Sri Lanka and, since 2008, has distributed all models of Yuasa batteries throughout the country via a vibrant dealer network.

Are you looking for the perfect battery to give your vehicle that extra power? Well, it is YUASA, the preferred choice of motorists.