11NGK is the world’s largest manufacturer of spark plugs and their product range includes apark plugs, spark plug covers, glow plugs and lambda sensors.

NGK products are widely used in all types of petrol driven engines and are particularly popular in the motor racing industry which uses NGK’s range of High Endurance Performance plugs. As an Original Equipment Manufacturer and After Market supplier, NGK is reputed as the world’s top brand, meeting the specific needs of its diverse, international clientele. Every NGK product is designed to meet rigorous standards of reliability and consistency under all conditions, delivering optimum efficiency with reduced emissions.

NTK is the world’s largest supplier and manufacturer of original equipment oxygen sensors. NTK Oxygen Sensors combines expertise with innovation and delivers Oxygen Sensors with superior fit, form and function.  When you require the best, count on NTK Oxygen Sensors to deliver.

As the authorized agent for the NGK brand in Sri Lanka, DSL has been making ample use of spark plugs for motor cars, motorcycles, marine engines, water pumps and three wheelers, thus reducing the country’s air pollution and increasing fuel efficiency. DSL has imported NGK’s Iridium range and G-Power range of plugs for Sri Lankan motorists who seek for a spark plug with improved efficiency.

As the authorized agent for the NTK brand in Sri Lanka, DSL has imported a vast range of oxygen sensors to suite any modern motor car running in Sri Lankan roads.


NGK spark plugs are available for use in any kind of gasoline engine. This wide range of application includes,

p1Spark Plug (For Automobile)

Several types of the spark plugs are available for use in Automobiles. There are V-grooved plugs, projected gap plugs, G Power-Platinum plugs, Iridium plugs, multiple ground electrode plugs, etc. Modern vehicles mainly use resister plugs which restrain the ignition noise created by a spark.


p2Spark Plug (For Motorcycles, ATVS & Scooters)

NGK is the leading brand of spark plug in the Motorcycle field in the world.
Manufactured using a wide variety of materials, from standard copper-core type to Iridium. NGK spark plug has the world’s leading engineering and technology for virtually every Motorcycle, ATV, and Scooter applications.NGK is approved as OEM and specified by most of the Motorcycle Manufacturers in the world, such as Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, Ducati and Yamaha, etc.

p3Iridium Premium Plug

Iridium IX series plugs for standard engines have an ultra-fine Iridium center electrode that ensures excellent ignitability and improved response to acceleration and power. Iridium MAX series plugs, meanwhile, have a platinum tip on the external electrode discharger, providing the same or longer life than platinum plugs. IRI series plugs are also available for modified engines.

p4Spark Plug (For Racing)

Racing spark plugs have been designed to withstand severe operating conditions, such as high combustion temperatures and increased pressures. Their superior performance has been proven in motorbike and car races in Japan and overseas, including Formula One, World Rally Championship and MotoGP.


p5Spark Plug (For Marine Engine and Agricultural Equipment)

Various spark plugs are available, including compact plugs for chain saws and lawn mowers, and surface-discharge plugs for outboard motors.




Several categories of NGK spark plugs, according to their improved standards, are available for all applications. These different categories are,


p6Superior Performance

  • Fine Platinum tip ensures long life
  • improved fuel efficiency
  • Lower emissions and improved anti fouling




p7Ultimate Performance

  • Fine Iridium tip ensures high durability
  • Built for today’s high performance engines
  • Ultimate design, technology and performance




p8OEM Style

  • Laser welded Platinum tip ensures precise gap over plug life
  • Superior anti-fouling characteristics
  • OEM approved




p9OEM Style

  • Laser welded Iridium tip ensures precise gap over plug life
  • Superior anti-fouling characterics
  • Best OEM Iridium spark plug available
  • OEM approved



p10Performance & Value

  • Exclusive Pro-V design
  • Designed for small engine applications
  • Faster starts
  • Less fouling & misfiring



p11OEM Quality

  • Triple-Gasket Sealing Process
  • Consistent Performance
  • Plug of Choice in Millions of Vehicles




p12Most technologically advanced spark plugs on the market. NGK Racing Spark Plugs are designed for professional racers with extremely modified engines.






Oxygen Sensors are used in modern automobiles to control the fuel and ignition systems to optimize a car’s performance in the areas of emissions and fuel economy. Sensors are located before and after the catalytic converter to check on the amount of oxygen in the exhaust. The sensor sends signals to the car’s on-board computer, which then can adjust several variables, including air/fuel ratio and timing, in order to bring the engine into the optimum operating range.

Each NTK Oxygen Sensor is:

  • Extensively Tested During Manufacture to Guarantee Quality and Reliability
  • Supplied With a Factory-Fitted OEM Connector for Easy Installation
  • Precision manufactured with a sensing element incorporating NTK’s premier technical ceramics


p14Oxygen Sensors for automobiles

In order to meet strict emissions regulations the catalytic converter(CAT) needs to clean the exhaust gas as effectively as possible. The CAT is most efficient at the stoichiometric air-fuel ratio(the point of complete combustion) as shown in the right figure, therefore controlling engine fueling in a narrow window around this point produces the cleanest exhaust gas.

As a central component of emissions treatment systems, oxygen sensors are the most commonly used method of air-fuel ratio control. They deliver high performance and reliability to meet strict emissions regulations.

NGK spark plugs and NTK oxygen sensors are available with DSL and their dealers islandwide.

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