5FBK Systems SDN BHD is a leading friction material manufacturer in Malaysia, manufacturing for both domestic and global market. They have achieved international recognition for product quality and vast range covering popular makes of vehicles.

FBK always believes that superior quality of raw materials ensures reliable finished products. Their stringent quality control starts from the sourcing of raw materials from various local and overseas suppliers. Thorough inspections by our QC staff begin when the materials arrived at FBK factory warehouse. This will ensure that only raw materials conforming to FBK quality specifications are accepted. Products which are not compliant with their specifications will be rejected. Backed by well trained employees, their in—house production techniques are well planned, monitored and controlled. This will ensure that only reliable and quality products reach the customers.

In-house testing and evaluation, from raw materials to finished products, are conducted by a team of Quality Control and R&D staff. New formulations for friction materials are continuously developed for reliability and passengers’ safety. Testing is strictly conducted to provide the best product for the customers.

FBK friction materials cover popular vehicle makes for Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Australian and European models.



Product range:-

  • Disc brake pads (asbestos and non-asbestos)
  • Bonded brake shoes (asbestos and non-asbestos)
  • Unlined brake shoe (brake shoe cores)
  • Brake linings for light and high commercial vehicles (asbestos and non-asbestos)

The full range of FBK brake shoes and pads, for the use of vehicle in Sri Lanka has been imported by DSL and available with their dealers island-wide.

To learn more about FBK brake shoes and pads: http://www.fbkmalaysia.com/products.htm