One out of every five cars manufactured in the world is fitted with a LuK clutch. LuK is a formidable brand of clutch products backed by the industrial giant Schaeffler Group of Germany. LuK clutch is manufactured at its Indian plants, in compliance to the most advanced and precise technical specifications. LuK is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 quality certified manufacturer and Original Equipment Supplier for several globally popular automobile brands. The LuK range is immensely popular amongst Tata, Leyland and Maruti users.

LuK products undergo rigorous testing at each stage of production to ensure flawless quality and maximum reliability. LuK clutch systems, dual mass fly wheels, CTV components, torque converters, etc. offer optimum performance, efficiency and value for money.

LuK is imported and distributed in Sri Lanka by DSL, the sole agent, and is available in models and specifications for vehicles of all Indian makes.

d1The clutch disc is the clutch’s central connection element.

In combination with the clutch pressure plate, it both separates and links engine and powertrain. It also reduces the speed fluctuations in the gearbox caused by the combustion motor. LuK offers the best solutions for every application, from clutch discs with simple torsion damper through to variants with multi-stage dampers, from rigid clutch discs for use in the dual mass flywheel right through to the displacement correction clutch disc.

d2Combustion engines have a problem: They provide a usable output only in a very specific speed range – just the opposite to electric or steam engines. This means that speed, transferable engine output and gearbox must be optimally synchronised in various drive conditions – this function is provided by the clutch. The clutch separates or connects powertrain from and to the gearbox, which every driver knows from his own experience. When the clutch pedal is depressed, this powertrain is interrupted and a different gear can be engaged. The clutch also enables cars, trucks and other utility vehicles to accelerate away smoothly and without engine bucking.

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