ANL Brake Liners
An ISO 14001:2004 certified company, Allied Nippon Limited (ANL) is a front runner in the production of high quality friction material. Manufactured in India, ANL Brake Liners are particularly well-suited to Tata and Leyland vehicles, especially passenger coaches, lorries and other vehicles for goods transportation. DSL is the sole distributor for ANL Brake Liners, which are affordable and guarantee maximum safety along with low and even wear, safeguarding the brake system and minimising noise.

ANL Brake Pads & Shoes
Allied Nippon Brake Pads and Shoes are manufactured to international standards and are popular among Indian and Japanese vehicle owners. ANL friction materials offer exceptionally low wear, minimum noise and superior speed sensitivity, with proven performance over several decades. DSL is the authorised dealer and sole distributor for ANL Brake Pads and Shoes, importing and marketing a range of long lasting, affordable and functional models island wide.